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You’ve already had your website. You took care to create responsive and well-designed site, but it is a mistake to think that all your work is done. You could guess that we’re talking about search engine optimization and this stage you’ve also succeeded. Not when it comes to website maintenance many website owners don’t know all the drawbacks. It is crucial to have an up-to-date website, which works properly on all devices so that visitors could feel safe especially when it comes to e-commerce websites and online purchases for which consumers need to be assured in the safety of the transaction.

The best choice when it’s necessary to take care of a website is to hire a professional as it requires lots of time and efforts. And only dedicated and skillful web developers could guarantee that it will stay current and rank high on search engines thanks to constantly up-to-date content. Moreover, you’ll be receiving reports concerning its work, appealing bugs and errors which need to be fixed, Google AdWords Campaign reports and lots more.



  1. Your website will always be current.
  2. It will allow you to implement it quickly with some small changes and improvements, which won’t be a problem for professional web developer.
  3. If you have more than one website, it’ll be the best way to save money as specialists could offer the most cost-effective solutions.
  4. Experienced webmaster could do upgrades without lots of efforts.
  5. Professionals are always informed about the latest news in the field of Internet marketing and are able to implement them.
  6. Errors on your website will be revealed and fixed faster.
  7. You’ll be assured in the safety of your website leaving its support for highly experienced webmasters.
  8. Taking care of website support and its promotion could be quite challenging for you as it requires having proper knowledge.
  9. Web developers can guarantee your site running 24 hours a day.

Leave Web Maintenance to Us

Many website owners don’t know how harmful it could be having out-of-date website. Thanks to years of profound work in this field we have all necessary knowledge to save your site from hackers’ attacks and provide web maintenance services of the highest quality. We are ready to provide a smooth work for your website, which will make it more valuable.

Church Media by Design is ready to take all responsibility for your website and its online presence. In our work we pay a special attention to updates and technical support, are in charge of Google Analytics reports and can offer CMS and e-Commerce support services. 

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