Who We Are

We are self-motivated, committed professionals.

Touch of Inspiration Multimedia is a group of professionals working together to meet the needs of our clients.  We specialize in helping businesses brand themselves by playing to their unique strengths, and by providing them with innovative technology, inspirational branding, and extraordinary communication resources.

Our mission is to differentiate ourselves by thoroughly understanding your needs. We want to create the most amazing, user-friendly, web marketing solution for your organization, at a reasonable rate. In today’s web environment, the most important thing for us to do with your business is showcase your individuality. We are dedicated to making sure your website stands out from the crowd.

Emanuel Elliott

Would you like a custom website designed to meet the exact needs of your ministry? Tell us about your church and the features you have in mind and we’ll custom build a site to fit your ministry.

We can captivate your community with inspired web design, awesome church logos and timeless church branding. If you’re looking to attract and engage more visitors, we’d love to talk with you.