As the name implies, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a somber event. A celebration of life is a way to for people to commemorate and enjoy all that was good about the life of the deceased. It doesn’t have to include a formal eulogy, and there’s no requirement for people to dress in black. 

There are no prescribed rules for when or where to hold the event or what elements to include. Instead, what takes place is explicitly tailored to the wishes of the deceased or his or her family and friends.

Loss of a love one, is the most difficult time in our lives but yet again it’s our duty to celebrate their life on earth as we bid the final farewell.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be Comforted”  Matthew 5:4

Memorial DVD

Memorial videos are a lasting, emotional tribute to the life of a loved one. The video is put together to tell a life’s story through pictures and music.

We create a lasting video memorial slide show using your photos, videos, and text.  We all want the very best for our loved ones and when the time comes to say goodbye, a short film filled with pictures of special occasions, happy memories and favorite moments with family and friends can provide a heart-warming, personal tribute.

Prepare. Celebrate. Remember.

What is Needed to Make a Memorial Video?

  • Up to 30 photos or slides (hard copy, scanned or digital) and numbered for order
  • Two favorite songs on a CD or just give us the artist’s name and song title and we’ll do the rest
  • Choose photo and title for custom DVD face
  • Choose photos and wording for opening and closing screens
  • If adding captions to photos – photo number and wording

How Long is the Memorial Video?

  • Four minutes in length – photos appear on screen for eight seconds.

24 – 48 hours needed from receiving all images
to produce a Memorial DVD Video


Upgrade to our next package

Memorial Video DVD  $150

  • Up to 30 pictures
  • “Touch-up” of photos, if required
  • Placement of your music selection
  • Customized cross-fades on photos with panning and zooming to add motion
  • Customized opening and closing screens with your selected photo and wording

Additional Options

Additional Photos . . . $3/ea

Image Captions . . . $2/ea

Additional DVD copies . . . $15/ea

Add Video Clips . . . Call